Better Bundles

Designed to optimize patient outcomes while maximizing care efficiency, Proventus Health is an all-in-one system developed specifically to make the most of every bundle.

Proventus Health works with providers at every level to optimize management by electronically tracking a patient's episode of care, from pre to post-op. Our approach ensures that each case is resolved effectively and efficiently, and that every patient receives the highest quality of care.

Proventus for Providers

Proventus Health gives providers a tool set to tackle the intricacies of bundled payments at scale. Our collaborative care pathway management system is an elegant and intuitive solution to manage new or existing episodes of care with ease and flexibility.

We developed our comprehensive case management platform to enable success. Case managers are provided a unified system to ensure that care is optimized for high-quality and effectiveness for each and every patient.

Proventus for Patients

Proventus Health gives patients a seamless care experience. With multiple supported communication methods, Proventus Health links care managers and patients effectively. Providers use our system to facilitate patient communication, manage and optimize their care pathway, and ensure timely follow-up. Our system helps patients move through their care episode with the support they need to ensure the best possible outcomes.


Analytics & ML

Proventus Health uses analytics and Machine Learning to deliver statistics and iterative optimization opportunities to guide your practice towards providing the best possible care with existing infrastructure.


Proventus Health is tailored to interact with existing infrastructure within individual practices. We tailor our solution to work with your existing data pipelines.

Platform Integration

Proventus Health continually monitors your practice's existing patient data and integrates operation scheduling changes, surgeon updates, and more to ensure a seamless management experience.


Proventus Health facilitates increased efficiency of patient care through an intuitive interface and workflows designed with collaboration in mind.


With secure email integration, Proventus Health uses automated messaging to interact with patients and their assigned case managers to prompt care optimization.


Proventus Health lives in the cloud, letting you manage your patients from anywhere.


Proventus Health can replace many of your paper records with digital equivalents.

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